[TOKEI-18 / CD]
2019/10/16 Release. ¥1,000+TAX

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    While My Bass Gently Weeps

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    Giant Killing

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    After The Rain


film., the four person instrumental band from Kanazawa, Japan, released a new EP for the first time in four years. The band formed in 2002, and released their first full album in 2015. The instrumental noise ensemble is made up of two guitarists, a drummer and a bassist. Their sound is often described as both calming and heavy just like the winter skies of Hokuriku, which is the region of Japan where the band is from. Influenced by music groups like Mogwai and Mono, there is a post-rock, cinematic feel to film’s music. The music shifts seamlessly from dramatic and intense sound dynamics to quiet, beautiful, sparse instrumental melodies. This album will appeal to fans who enjoy the sounds of slowcore, sadcore, ambient and minimal post-rock music.