interior palette toeshoes

[TOKEI-15 / CD]
2019/6/19 Release. ¥900+TAX

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    suicidal disco!

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    tense 0

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    a pig of the treason

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    gravity waltz

富山の5人組、歌なしインディロックバンド、interior palette toeshoesの結成17年目の1stアルバム。


We are a five person instrumental, indie rock band from Toyama City, Japan, formed in 2002. We have released 3 EP’s, and we are finally releasing our first full album 17 years after we first started to make music together.

This self titled album was completely produced by our band. We recorded, mixed, mastered, created the artwork and will handle the distribution. This will all drastically reduce the CD album price, the digital download will be priced a bit higher.

It is always nice to have a record store listen and review albums and we would be honored if someone did so, but, we wanted to express our own review of the album through our curiosity of music. We would like the listener to experience the music and hear our influences and new direction through the songs. We wanted to create something very meaningful with this album, putting ourselves completely into the project from beginning to end.

We hope you listen and enjoy the album. Thank you for your support.