[TOKEI-05 / CD]
2015/10/9 Release. ¥1,500+TAX

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Braian Eno、Philip Glass、Steve Reich、Manuel Gottsching、Klaus Schulze等のミニマル/アンビエントミュージックの偉大なる先達やStarts Of The Lid、Labradfordなどのkranky records周辺のアンビエント / ドローンサウンドが好きな方におすすめの作品です。

Sabusave is an ambient musician and sound installation artist from the Toyama Prefecture in Japan.
Sometimes known as “background music” Sabusave transcends the functional beauty of that style and urges us to lose ourselves in the solitary, stoic, complex patterns of the chords. His sounds repeat and overlap and disappear into a haze of deep mesmerizing sound, only to gently evolve and reappear again. In Toyama, Subusave started the project SAVE (Sound. Audio. Visual. Electric) in 2013. Sabusave’s performs his live music in public areas where many people visit, such as cafes, art exhibitions, yoga classes and on the street – He creates a unique and calming atmosphere for people finding themselves in the locations. He pays close attention to the environment, space, people, and mood of the situations and controls the sounds of the music in real time, performing live without the use of any backtracks or overdubs. It has quickly become popular, not only at music events but in many other settings.


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