[TOKEI-04 / LP+CD]
2014/12/24 Release. ¥2,500+TAX

side A

  • 1

    The Long Morning Counterclockwise (Ametsub Remix)

  • 2

    Two Months Ago (mergrim Remix)

  • 3

    Chip (aus Remix)

side B

  • 1

    The Long Morning Counterclockwise (feat.Cuushe)

  • 2

    Hail To You

  • 3

    Chip (Alternative Version)

  • 4

    The Long Morning Counterclockwise (Alternative Version)※


2013年にデビュー・アルバム『Cloud Sprout』をリリースした、富山と東京の5人組 smougのリミックス作品をLP+CDでリリース。メロディックなアコースティック・サウンドと、アナログ感のあるウォーミーなエレクトロニック・サウンドがブレンドされた、smougのエレクトロニカ+ポスト・ロック・サウンドを、Ametsub、mergrim、aus、Cuusheなど日本のエレクトロニカ~エレクトロニック・ミュージック・シーンを代表する豪華アーティスト達がリミックス。

smoug is an instrumental post rock band from both Toyama and Tokyo, Japan. They released their debut album “Cloud Sprout” on Tokyo’s Preco Records in 2013. The recording lays bare the influence of post rock bands from the early 2000s, such as Hood, epic45, Mercury Program, Howard Hello,and The Album Leaf with slow building melodies setting up a dreamy, sentimental atmosphere.
“Do Not Disturb” is the follow on remix album featuring artists from right across the spectrum of Japan’s electronic music scene, featuring remixes from aus (flau), Ametsub (nothings66), mergrim (moph) and Cuushe (flau). They reinterpreted the tracks with a dancier vibe, adding their own unique twists to give something fresh to smoug’s sound.
The album also features one previously unreleased track “Hail To You” an dtwo alternate takes on album tracks “The Long Morning Counterclockwise” and “Chip”. This remix album is for fans of post rock, electronica & dance music.
“Do Not Disturb” will be released on LP (with free CD version of the album) on Tokei Records, December 2014.


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